About us

Badayl is the Arabic name of ‘Alternatives’. Badayl.com is an open 'social rating' web application concerned with finding and providing alternatives for anything one can think of. And it allows users to collectively and collaboratively evaluate the quality of nearly anything (e.g. electronic devices, books, forums, news, restaurants, movies, etc...).
It is intended to give the Internet users with a one-stop place to collaborate with others with their experiences about using or having something and its ‘alternatives’, in the context of a social application similar to myspaces and facebook apps.

“Badayl from users to users” ... Badayl will help a community filter relevant and interesting information! ... It will help them discover, share, catalog, and analyze the value of existing resources and items.
In its simplest form, this may involve applying “thumbs up/ down” or “star ratings” to an item and its alternatives, and this can be extended to include reviews and discussions of the items by many contributors. As more items are ranked, it is possible to utilize the rankings to generate sets of “popular” or “featured” items.

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